JetSet: Blockchain for Travelers

JetSet is utilizing blockchain technology to help you save money when you travel. Powered by our proprietary cryptocurrency, we're going over the tops of banks, currency exchanges, and traditional travel websites to make going on trips easier, safer, and cheaper for you.

Million Mile Secrets

Currency Exchange Study

"The colorful marketing chart at the Travelex booth has the audacity to state “Discounted Exchange Rate on Today’s Transaction” when the foreign currency fee is 14% MORE, for converting US dollars to euros, than the inter-bank rate!"

International Credit Card Rates

Nearly half of all credit cards assess a foreign transaction fee, with an average fee of 2.61% per foreign transaction. Cards with foreign transaction fees can cost users more than the annual fee of many credit cards with no foreign transaction fees.


Millennials and Credit Cards

A Fed survey found the 18 to 24 demographic preferred to pay cash more than others. And if they do carry a card, it tends to be of the prepaid or debit variety

UN World Tourism Organization

International Tourism Results

LInternational tourist arrivals grew by a remarkable 7% in 2017 to reach a total of 1,322 million, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. This strong momentum is expected to continue in 2018 at a rate of 4%-5%.


Bitcoin and Millennials

At least one quarter [of millennials] would prefer $1,000 of Bitcoin over $1,000 worth of: government bonds (43%), stocks (38%), real estate (26%), and gold (31%).


We Started with The Traveler

What is the device that every traveler uses the most nowadays? A smartphone. As access to cellular data becomes more readily available globally, developing an easy to use app was our first goal. No need to carry extra cards, remember pin numbers, or worry about loss or theft. Then we looked at which types of customers we want to serve.

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Solving The Fragmented Booking Process

One of the biggest issues in travel is having to make bookings for the same trip in multiple places. Fragmentation can make booking that much more of a hassle and with the JetSet marketplace and JETS tokens, travelers can book an entire trip from one place.

  • Book flights, hotels and rental cars
  • Travel and Tour experiences
  • Get Hubs and Spokes availability in city
  • Know vendors that will accept JETS tokens


Bridging Cash and Cryptocurrency

The current system for obtaining currency while abroad is often expensive, restrictive, and inconsistent at best. Additionally there are many threats travelers face when it comes to debit and credit card security while abroad. We wanted to take a new perspective on this and give travelers another option.

The Hub is a re-imagining of the ATM that will be located in major transportation centers, such as airports, train stations, and city centers.

Travelers can withdraw cash at the best possible exchange rate with only a 1.5% transaction fee. You'll be getting the same exchange rate you'll find on Google or

And instead of carrying around stacks of bills and piles of change you can't use or exchange at the end of a trip, simply walk back up to a Hub station and deposit your unused currency back into your account.


Meet the team that's building JetSet

Core Team

Amar C. Bhakta

CEO & Co-Founder

Zena Patel, Esq.

General Counsel and Co-Founder

Himanshu Dhameliya

Lead Blockchain Developer

Liang Huang

Lead Front-End Developer

Jane Ugrinovskiy

UX Designer


Front-end Design

Priya Jain

Marketing and Research

Advisory Team

Sindia Bharwani

Investor Relations

Brian Tehako

Forex Advisor

Crispin Courtenay

Hyperledger Advisor

Richard Piacentini

Stellar Advisor

Tiaan Wolmarans

Technical Advisor

Marco Cannon

Technical Advisor

Our Tech Stack

Development Timeline

Private Placement Rounds Corporate Registration Stellar Token Creation AML/KYC Whitelist Registration

Q4 2019

Exchange and Marketplace Rollout Android and iOS Apps Deployed Token General Sale Initial prototyping & test of Hub / Spoke

Q1 2020

Continued Global Hub Deployment Increased MAU Deployment of Proof of Utility Measurement

Q3 2020
Q4 2019

Initial Developer Staffing Community Growth Partnerships Established and Added Marketplace and Exchange Development Token Private Placement Sale

Q2 2020

User Beta Testing Final Hub Testing and Development Pilot Finalized Hub Deployment Tiers