Blockchain for Travelers

JetSet is a blockchain powered end to end travel ecosystem that’s disrupting the $8 trillion travel industry.

How We're Changing Travel

JetSet is a blockchain powered end to end travel ecosystem that solves two major problems in the $8 trillion travel industry: the high cost and fees associated with international cash withdrawals and purchases, and the highly fragmented trip booking process.  We achieve this through our dual layer blockchain and cryptocurrency architecture, mobile and web apps, and our physical terminals called Hubs and Spokes, which bridge the virtual world of cryptocurrency and the real world of global fiat cash.

When a traveler is stepping off a long flight in a foreign country, they often don’t have many tools readily available to them. Cell service is dependent upon their home country’s cell plan, and services directly available to them at the airport are often overpriced. As mentioned earlier, foreign currency is one of the biggest and costliest hurdles. With the JetSet platform, we can eliminate those immediate off-the-plane hurdles.

We’re just about to start rolling out beta tests for both business owners and travelers.  So if you’re a business owner that’s looking for a low cost way of accepting electronic payments, click the vendor beta button below.  If you’re a traveler looking to get the best international exchange rates possible when it comes to withdrawing cash and making purchases while abroad, click on the traveler beta button.

Poor Infrastructure, Poor Fees, and Poor Exchange Rates

Lack of Consistency

Traveling between counties leads to inconsistent financial infrastructures and your cards and cash not working in every location.

Not Truly Travel Friendly

Even "travel-friendly" credit cards have fees and marked down exchange rates built in to take money out of your pocket.

No Real Convenience

Currency exchanges at the airport or in cities will charge you up to 27% in penalties and commissions before you even get your money.


On average, travelers are visiting anywhere between 3 to 5 different websites just to book elements of the same trip.

Stellar Architecture

The Stellar Token Architecture allows us to build a transaction blockchain and network that is agnostic of existing financial and currency exchange networks. That means we can get the best exchange rates possible without the need to charge travelers or businesses unnecessary commissions, fees, or penalties.

Dual Layer Blockchain

Our secondary blockchain is built on IBM's Hyperledger Fabric architecture which allows us to build out a modular framework. This means a semi public and private blockchain that houses all of our transaction ledger, traveler PII, and a fully transparent and verified review system that keeps travelers safe and businesses growing.

Deployed on AWS

Everything is built and deployed using Amazon Web Services, ensuring the best in security and uptime for all of our users. We've centralized all of our services on AWS globally which means we have the best architecture that will help us scale all over the world.

Core Team

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