Environmental and Social Awareness

Travel and tourism have a unique ability to accelerate the impact on the environment but also give people the tools and opportunities to help change things for the better globally.

Here at JetSet, we want to acknowledge those issues and help bring awareness and the tech to help bring positive changes.

We can't ignore the impact travel has on the environment

Multiple studies have explored the effect air travel has on global emissions and increasing carbon footprints.


Aviation's contribution to overall global emissions


Of all airplane emissions come from flights longer than 1500 km


Metric tons of carbon dioxide created in one round trip NY to SF flight

The good news is that better aircraft materials such as composites, better engine and route efficiency will help dramatically reduce this.  And as more travelers utilize trains for shorter distances, we are relying less on fossil fuels.  JetSet will also be partnering with local and regional tourism boards to promote sustainable tourism and experiences travelers can book to help clean up and reduce their impact on the local environments.

JetSet is also going to be rolling out a green and eco-friendly rating system to help travelers identify which companies are doing their part to curb emissions and greenhouse gasses.  When a traveler sees an airline or hotel, they’ll be able to see a rating of those companies based on their environmental impact.  Every little effort goes a long way and travelers can make a difference with their wallets.

The travel industry is also on the front lines of stopping human trafficking

Airplanes and hotels are the primary avenues through which human traffickers operate globally.



The profit made by human traffickers globally each year



The number of humans sold into human trafficking each year


of victims

Are young women and children.


are sexually exploited

38% percent are sold into forced labor, and 8% are trafficked for organs and body parts

To help bring awareness and help contribute to stopping the spread of human trafficking and exploitation, JetSet will be working with a variety of partners in the industry to help show travelers which companies they purchase flights and hotels from are doing their part.  Whether through training, understanding and awareness, or more aggressive programs, travelers will know which companies they financially support are helping end human slavery and trafficking.