A Rewards Program for Everyone

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JetSet Plus

Rewards are for everyone, not just the elite traveler. By default every JetSet user is enrolled in JetSet Plus. For more frequent travelers who maintain certain balances in their JetSet account, we have JetSet luxe – a travel focused lifestyle experience.

JetSet Plus is the standard rewards program for all JetSet customers as soon as they sign up. They are awarded points for each purchase from their JetSet wallet, which includes both trip bookings, electronic payments, and cash withdrawals. These can be redeemed like any other points on their next JetSet purchase.

JetSet Luxe

JetSet Luxe is a rewards program for those who are frequent users of JetSet and who maintain at least $500 in their JetSet account at all times. They are auto-enrolled after 6 months of maintaining that balance and spending $2500 through our network. They redeem points at a higher rate and are invited to exclusive travel-based lifestyle events around the world.

For the frequent business traveler and enterprise who are looking for a flexible rewards program suited to their business needs.