The Future of Travel

At JetSet, we’re always looking to the future to see how we can continue to innovate and disrupt in this industry.  We are looking beyond just blockchain to new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help us build new tools to make travel safer, easier, and cheaper for everyone.

T.R.I.P. - The Traveler Rating Index Protocol

Our rating system that lets travelers rate every aspect of their trip, from the seat in the plane to the food at the hotel restaurant.  It ties everything together to create one of the most power user-generated review systems in the entire travel industry. It will help ensure only trusted, verified travelers and customers are leaving reviews, tied directly to our blockchain, and gives businesses the ability to respond in kind knowing they are not subject to attacks or trolling.  This creates a trusted review system that will help both travelers and businesses.

Zee - The Ultimate Travel AI

We are developing a powerful AI and machine learning algorithm and platform that will help travelers stay ahead of changing travel plans, delays, and cancellations. Imagine being able to house every detail of your trip in one platform and that platform learning and staying ahead of changes to your plans. Your flight gets delayed and you have a hotel reservation and dinner plans set up. Zee will notify the hotel of your changing plans, text your friends that you’re probably going to be late for dinner, and then even suggest a new location and make that reservation. We can capitalize on a wealth of available, but disparate systems, tying them together through comprehensive API libraries and inputs, and utilize our next generation decisioning engine to help keep your travel and stress free as possible.